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Introducing Odyssey, a one-stop travel site, and mobile application to search and book premium hotels, rental cars, and cruises. Odyssey will also redefine your booking experience by allowing you to addon an expert Travel Advisor to your booking, on-the-fly, to handle more detailed trips, special needs, groups, and weddings.


Concur Solutions - Empower Your Traveling Workforce

Concur Travel Solutions offers the only way to manage every travel dollar you spend.

Why Concur? Not all travel solutions are created equal, and in today’s mobile world, travelers have an open landscape of options. This makes it more important than ever to manage your entire travel ecosystem and to satisfy your travelers—all while reinforcing policy compliance and protecting your bottom line. The answer is Concur.

We provide a set of tools to solve the toughest travel problems across your organization—all built with you and your users in mind and optimized for scalability. Gain the visibility you need into all of your program’s travel bookings—no matter where they occur—and employee location data to support your duty-of-care requirements.

Your travelers can use the tools and resources they’ve come to expect, like the ability to change reservations on the go, get up-to-date information about delays and travel disruptions and share consolidated itineraries across your organization. Concur is the only way you can manage your travel program while capturing all of the correct data.

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Travel Hub 365

Travel Hub 365 Inc. is a Chicago, Illinois based tech-enabled premium travel platform that aims to democratize access to luxury hotels, car rental, and other travel services directly from the provider to the user. The company has been in the travel agency business for several years and is now layering in a tech component to streamline the booking experience as well as open distribution channels for these luxury services that have previously been opaque and limited.

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