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Odyssey helps you find the perfect hotel for the right price – fast. Search and book the top hotel chains,, independent hotels and more.

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Connect with over 40 car rental providers and global multinationals as well as local and regional providers, covering over 42,000 locations worldwide.

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Access flights from over 450 airlines, more than 110 of which are low-cost and hybrid carriers. Gain access to the same fares available anywhere else.

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Introducing Odyssey, a one-stop travel site, and mobile application to search and book premium hotels, rental cars, and cruises.

Odyssey will also redefine your booking experience by allowing you to addon an expert Travel Advisor to your booking, on-the-fly, to handle more detailed trips, special needs, groups, and weddings. Odyssey will be the sister brand to the luxury travel advisor team at Travel Hub 365.

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The Odyssey Travel App is featured on the Phocuswire Startup Stage

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A hotel platform at your fingertips

With the Odyssey Travel App, you have at your fingertips a hotel platform, full of quality content from hotels, hotel chains, aggregators, and properties from around the world - all in one place.
With the ability to book not simply on our website, but on Apple iOS and Google Play devices, you can find accommodations, refine and personalize searches, do hotel comparisons and ultimately book your resort, hotel, extended stay, villa, and much more.


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  • Around 310 hotel chains
  • Thousands of independent hotel
  • +857K unique hotel properties
  • +6.8M hotel shopping options
  • Live Pricing, Live Booking, Expert Support
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